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Enlace trains former clients as community health leaders and educators—Promotoras.

Following intensive leadership training, Promotoras become community liaisons and health advocates who work to raise awareness about domestic violence and gender inequity through culturally and linguistically appropriate community presentations.

Presentation topics include:

  • Domestic violence;
  • The impact of domestic violence on children;
  • Gender equity
  • Self-esteem; and
  • Gender(ed) roles

Like Enlace’s Youth Leaders, Promotoras extend Enlace’s reach into high-need communities and act as accessible, supportive advocates.

For any questions, or information about how you can get involved with the Promotoras, please contact our Community Educator at or 505-246-8972, ext. 15.

Counseling Sec #2 (1)

Promotoras de Desarollo Infantil (PDI)

Enlace’s PDI program provides the opportunity for Promotoras to be trained to screen young children for socio-emotional developmental delays. PDIs also use a social determinants of health screen with participating parents to determine household needs.


Other Services

Youth leaders

Youth Leaders

Our Youth Leaders program allows participants to build their leadership and networking skills while promoting healthy, gender-affirming relationships amongst their peers.

Voices unidas

Voces Unidas

Our drop-in domestic violence education and support group serves Spanish-speaking survivors.



Through this program, former client survivors of domestic violence are trained to become community health leaders and educators.

Prevention classes

Prevention Classes

We offer classes for families who are at high risk of experiencing domestic violence.

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