Host a House Party

To be a host, you just need to invite friends and acquaintances to a party at your house. In the past, supporters have hosted dinner parties, happy hour parties, poker nights, a brunch party, and late night parties. In addition to having a fun party, the goal of the house party is to educate your guests about the work of Enlace Comunitario and ask them to make a contribution.

(More than one person can host a single house party, increasing the guest list and the people available to do the work.)

The party is also a place for the guests to see old friends, meet new people, and eat good food, which provides a cordial atmosphere for the host to make the request for funds. Finally, a house party allows someone not familiar with Enlace Comunitario to learn about it, ask questions, and get some personal attention. People can either give a very small gift or a large one, and they can attend the house party without paying to get in.

If you are interested in hosting a house party, email us at or call Juliann at 505-246-8972, ext. 12.

We will help you think through the logistics of the party, and we can also send an Enlace staff member to the party to share materials and information about Enlace. Thanks for your interest! Now, let’s party!

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