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Circle of Security

Enlace recognizes the importance of strengthening the bonds between parents/caregivers and their children, especially within the context of reducing domestic violence (DV) and DV-affiliated behaviors. Our parenting class is Circle of Security.

In this class, Enlace uses the Circle of Security Parenting Program—an innovative intervention program designed to improve the developmental pathways of children through strengthening secure caregiver attachments. A secure attachment between child and caregiver is critical to a child’s current and future well-being.

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Other Services

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Case Management

Our team of case managers is ready to provide clients with one-on-one support.

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We value partnering with clients to provide life-enhancing counseling services that help support clients as they process trauma and manage their emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

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Our legal team informs clients of their legal rights and can represent clients in civil legal proceedings, and/or provide clients with pro se assistance.

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Housing Assistance

Our housing specialists work with clients to assess immediate housing needs and can help source available transitional housing and/or connect clients with potential housing options.

Prevention classes

Financial Capability Training and Education

Almost every DV situation involves financial abuse. Enlace works with clients to provide them with one-on-one training and resources to enhance their financial acumen so that they are better positioned to build a strong financial base for their future. 

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Support Groups

We provide engaging support groups for children and adults

Prevention classes

Parenting/Caregiving Classes

We work with parents/caregivers and children to help ensure healthy growth and development for the whole family.

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