As Enlace Comunitario amplifies the need to implement local, equitable policy solutions for supporting domestic violence survivors during Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Enlace remains keenly aware of efforts by Texas Governor Greg Abbott to displace recent immigrants from Texas by transporting them to other states—including New Mexico.

As reported by several news outlets,[BE1]  Albuquerque is a possible location, with the City’s Office of Equity and Inclusion taking the lead in connecting the displaced individuals with local resources to support them in their next steps. With a fully bilingual (Spanish/English) direct service staff, Enlace is prepared to offer our supportive wraparound services to any recent immigrants who may be experiencing domestic violence (DV).

Enlace is a culturally and linguistically specific DV service provider for Central New Mexico’s Latinx and immigrant communities. Despite the fact that 53% of DV service recipients in our state are Latinx/Hispanic, Enlace is the only culturally specific DV service provider for New Mexico’s Latinx immigrant community; while the majority of Enlace’s clients identify as Latinx/Hispanic, we support any DV survivor in need.

While Enlace’s services address DV through two program arms, including prevention-focused community outreach and education, Enlace recognizes that recent immigrant DV survivors may benefit from Enlace’s direct intervention support. Enlace’s intervention services include crisis intervention; safety planning; case management; housing assistance; therapy; life skills/parenting classes; financial capability training; and legal services.

“Community” lies at the heart of Enlace’s mission-driven programs, and our community is inclusive. Enlace recognizes that the increasingly hostile, racist policies promulgated for political points in neighboring states have a human cost: denying dignity, respect, and compassion for hyper-marginalized individuals who are trying to stay safe and, in many cases, escape violence.  

Enlace knows that there is power in being a compassionate neighbor and in working to unify rather than shatter—in recognizing the gifts, talent, and humanity that our cross-border familia brings to New Mexico. Enlace recognizes that racist, exclusionary policies are neither sustainable nor effective—especially as communities around the globe face the realities of a rapidly changing planet, where creative, compassionate solutions are the only way forward.

Even if Albuquerque is not ultimately selected as a drop-off site, Enlace will always remain welcoming to recent immigrants, and will work proactively to support immigrant DV survivors as they reestablish themselves in a new, safe home.