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Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access Policy

Enlace Comunitario recognizes how systemic racial and socioeconomic inequities affecting immigrant communities can exacerbate domestic violence (DV).

Intersectionality is central to Enlace’s intergenerational services provision model—in that, we recognize how systemic barriers to opportunity for immigrant DV survivors and their families are compounded by inequities specific to race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity and expression, sex, sexual orientation, disability, language ability, income, and immigration status.

As the only culturally- and linguistically-specific DV services provider for Central New Mexico’s Latine immigrant community, Enlace deploys intersectional, trauma-informed programs through our intergenerational service provision model. In so doing, Enlace shapes an affirming environment in which survivors can build their confidence, skills, and education as self-empowered advocates—thereby positioning them for continued growth as community-level change agents.

Land Acknowledgment & Commitment to Decolonial Practice

Enlace Comunitario recognizes that our community-centered work to support DV survivors in their healing journey takes place on the unceded ancestral lands of the Pueblo people, including the Tiwa, Tewa, Towa, and Keres people, and the Diné (Navajo), and N’dee. In our work for and in partnership with DV survivors, we recognize the importance of having rootedness in place and honoring personal and cultural boundaries—sentiments and practices that continue to be undermined by colonial structures designed to disenfranchise Indigenous communities and perpetuate systemic inequities. We also recognize that borders are colonial concepts whose purpose is to control, fracture, and drive wedges between communities.

Enlace recognizes that our equity-focused work must also be decolonial in nature to:

(1) Challenge and deconstruct the systemic barriers to opportunities that disproportionately affect Black, Indigenous, Latine, and Asian/Asian Pacific Islander communities, all communities of color, and immigrant communities; and

(2) Build and share power through intentional community engagement.

We are grateful to work in solidarity with our partners and will always strive to advocate for a just, equitable future; back up our statements with action; and learn from our mistakes as we continue to hold one another in community.

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