“Enlace Comunitario is a social justice organization led by Latina immigrants whose mission is to transforms lives of individuals and their families experiencing domestic violence by working to decrease gender inequity and intimate partner violence in the Latino immigrant community in Central New Mexico..”

Our efforts benefit the entire community by bringing awareness about the magnitude of the problem, engaging the community in a process to find ways to eliminate domestic violence. Because of the dire need for bilingual services (Spanish/English), Latino immigrants are our targeted community for outreach efforts. Of course, all individuals in need of domestic violence services are welcomed and served.

We accomplish this through transformative direct services, leadership development, preventative community education, outreach and policy advocacy in collaboration with community partners.

Vision:  Enlace envisions that Latino immigrants in New Mexico become a collective force that creates a community free of gender inequity, violence and injustice.

Guiding Principles/Values:  Enlace Comunitario values a collective process to achieve gender equality and promote Integrity, Justice, Respect, Dignity and diversity within the staff, board, families we work with and the community as a whole.

Justice & Gender Equality: EC recognizes that all of our individual and collective efforts are to uphold complete social and gender equality for all people regardless of their immigration status.

Concientizacion: EC believes that the collective wisdom of the community is essential to harness the process of community change. EC’s employees and Board members work to increase community engagement and the understanding of the root causes of all types of oppression.

Dignity & Respect: EC provides due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, traditions and inherent value of each individual.

Diversity: EC promotes an environment of inclusivity where reality is created by individuals and groups from a broad spectrum of demographic & philosophical differences.

Integrity: EC’s staff and Board members are guided by honesty and ethical communication in all their actions.

Non-Religious: EC’s staff and Board members operate under religious neutrality where personal beliefs do not interfere with the affairs of the organization.

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Enlace Comunitario
Enlace Comunitario
Steps toward gender equality may put women at an increased risk of domestic violence and sexual assault, according to a growing body of research.

Pasos hacia la igualdad de género pueden poner a las mujeres en un mayor riesgo de violencia doméstica y agresión sexual, según un creciente cuerpo de investigación.
Enlace Comunitario
Enlace Comunitario
What is disrespect towards women?

Anything that makes a woman feel humiliated, belittled or like she’s thought less of because she’s a woman.

Some common examples of disrespect towards women include:
Sexist jokes and comments
Thinking or saying women can’t do all the same jobs as men
Assuming women should take care of the kids and the house
Sexualised comments about a woman’s appearance

Continuing to contact a woman even if she’s said she’s not interested or
isn’t responding.

Whether these things are said in front of a woman, or about women when they’re not present, they are all examples of disrespect towards women.

¿Qué es la falta de respeto hacia las mujeres?

Cualquier cosa que haga que una mujer se sienta humillada, menospreciada o que le guste menos que sea una mujer.

Algunos ejemplos comunes de falta de respeto hacia las mujeres incluyen:
Chistes y comentarios sexistas.
Pensar o decir que las mujeres no pueden hacer los mismos trabajos que
los hombres
Asumiendo que las mujeres deben cuidar a los niños y la casa.
Comentarios sexualizados sobre la apariencia de una mujer.

Continuar contactando a una mujer incluso si ella dijo que no está
interesada o que no está respondiendo.

Ya sea que se digan estas cosas frente a una mujer o sobre mujeres cuando no están presentes, todos son ejemplos de falta de respeto hacia las mujeres.
Enlace Comunitario
Doing Nothing Does Harm - New Ceo
Find out how to do something when you see disrespect towards women at http://www.doingnothingdoesharm.org.au
Enlace Comunitario
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We are so happy and grateful for the amazing and beautiful purses we received from Pursonalities Plus ABQ . Such a powerful initiative that empowers woman with the fashion needed to move onward with personality.

We cannot thank you enough for the beautiful donation of more than 200 handbags and purses that benefit our clients in more ways than we can count.

Estamos muy felices y agradecidos por las increíbles y hermosas bolsas que recibimos de Pursonalities Plus ABQ. Una iniciativa tan poderosa que empodera a la mujer con la moda necesaria para seguir adelante con personalidad.

No podemos agradecerle lo suficiente por la hermosa donación de más de 200 bolsas y carteras que benefician a nuestros clientes en más formas de las que podemos contar. ❤️
Enlace Comunitario
Enlace Comunitario
Right now, we are living under the most explicitly misogynist president in modern history, in a country where an accused sexual abuser was just appointed to the Supreme Court. Women are being killed for saying no to men. And the wage gap is actually much wider than we originally thought.
Enlace Comunitario
Enlace Comunitario
Among the best Latin music of 2018 we find the voice of strong woman who rise to the occasion to shed some light on important movements

Mon Laferte who blows our mind with her new album release empowering women through Cumbia, Mambo, Bolero in her Album "Norma".

And La Colmena with "Zapata Se Queda" comes along with a stunning stripped-down vocal arrangement of it. La Colmena the all-women vocal ensemble out of Buenos Aires, Argentina, transforms this homage to Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata.

Making use of music as a medium for expression of voice and dance that reaches a deeper part of our thought and creativity.

Entre la mejor música latina de 2018, encontramos la voz de mujeres fuertes que se levantan a la altura de la ocasión para exponer movimientos importantes,

Mon Laferte, que nos sorprende con el lanzamiento de su nuevo álbum que el cual permite que las mujeres se transformen a través de Cumbia, Mambo, y Bolero en su album "Norma".

Y La Colmena con "Zapata Se Queda" viene con un arreglo vocal deslumbrante. La Colmena, el conjunto vocal de mujeres de Buenos Aires, Argentina, transforma este homenaje al revolucionario mexicano Emiliano Zapata.

Hacer uso de la música como un medio para la expresión de voz y danza que alcanza una parte más profunda de nuestro pensamiento y creatividad.
Enlace Comunitario
Enlace Comunitario
Muy Pronto el arte, la musica, baile, y clases de canto seran recomendadas por doctores. Es importante reconocer el poder que las artes tienen para sanar.

Soon art, music, dance, and singing classes will be recommended by doctors. It is important to recognize the power that the arts have to heal.