Enlace domestic violence intervention services are offered in Spanish and free of cost to victims of domestic violence and their children, regardless of their legal immigration status.  Services are confidential and tailored to individual clients’ strengths and needs.  To see if you qualify for services, call 505-246-8972 Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5pm.


When an incident of domestic violence occurs, the first services that the clients receive are Crisis Intervention. This intervention may include: assessment of the crisis, making a police report, taking photos of the injuries, obtaining a temporary restraining order, going to the shelter, making a safety plan, and referring client to other community resources to obtain clothes, food and things the family immediately needs.

All Enlace clients have a first orientation meeting with their case manager. During this first appointment, the case manager and the client discuss safety and develop a service plan based on clients’ strengths and goals. This plan includes the steps that the client will take to meet her needs and reach self-sufficiency. While the client receives services at Enlace, the case manager acts as a guide and can help her apply for public benefits for herself and her children, transitional or affordable housing, medical care, crime victims reparations, legal resources for civil domestic violence and immigration cases, and more depending on the client’s individual plan.

The case managers also identify when clients may qualify for certain immigration status legal remedies such as the U-Visa for crime victims or the VAWA self-petition. If you may be eligible, the case manager will refer you to the immigration attorney at Catholic Charities or the New Mexico Immigrant Law Center.  Enlace Case Managers will help you obtain the supporting documents you need for your case.

Individual therapy is offered to interested clients by appointment with a Masters level therapist who specializes in domestic violence issues, mental health and environmental problems associated with domestic violence.  Individual therapy is strengths-based and Enlace clients work with the therapist to develop therapeutic personal goals.

We also offer individual therapy for children and adolescents who have witnessed domestic violence in their family.  When appropriate, Enlace therapists will work jointly with the adult clients and her children in a family therapy session.

Enlace also offers weekly therapeutic support groups for adult victims and children who witness domestic violence. Confidentiality and respect are the guiding principals of the group’s dynamic. Good camaraderie strengthens self-esteem and helps to break isolation that is commonly associated with domestic violence. 

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Enlace attorneys represent clients in civil domestic violence and domestic matters cases. For example, the attorney can represent you at a hearing to obtain a final order for protection or in your divorce case. They also help clients obtain custody and child support for their children. The director of the legal services team is an expert in interstate and international custody cases.

Additionally, the Enlace Case Managers and Legal Assistants collaborate with legal service providers to help the clients with their legal cases. For example, the case manager can help you complete a petition for a temporary restraining order, accompany you to hearings in civil and/or criminal court, refer you to pro bono attorneys and explain your rights and options

Enlace Comunitario offers various life skills classes to help the clients achieve self-sufficiency, including Parenting and English classes.

The parenting classes teach skills to both the participants and their children. Each class begins with a shared activity for both the mothers and their children, for example, a supper or art project. These activities help strengthen the family dynamic. Afterwards, the mothers and children are separated into age appropriate groups. The mothers learn how to support and discipline their children and understand how the domestic violence they have witnessed affects them. The children learn related themes relevant to their age.

Trained volunteers teach the English as a Second Language classes. Learning English helps reduce the isolation and vulnerability that many of our clients face. This beginner’s level class helps the students develop the self-confidence they need to continue their English studies at more advanced institutions.

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Desafió al Cambio is Enlace Comunitario’s new batterers intervention program. The program aims to teach men, who have battered in the past, to control their anger before it becomes an act of domestic violence. Desafió al Cambio is a 52 week program and is facilitated in Spanish only. The participants meet every Tuesday from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at Enlace Comunitario. If you are interested and would like more information, feel free to contact Esteban at 505-507-8419 or Sandro at 505-514-7700.


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