"Enlace Comunitario is a social justice organization led by Latina women in Central New Mexico and located in Albuquerque. Our mission is to work to eliminate domestic violence in the Latino immigrant communities and promote healthy families through: comprehensive domestic violence intervention services, preventative community education, policy advocacy and leadership development."

Our efforts benefit the entire community by bringing awareness about the magnitude of the problem, engaging the community in a process to find ways to eliminate domestic violence.

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 Employment Opportunities at Enlace Comunitario

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Onsite Childcare

Enlace Comunitario eliminates barriers to accessing services for domestic violence victims by providing childcare for clients while they meet with our staff.

Staff Retention

Enlace Comunitario’s onsite childcare promotes staff retention.

Engaging Men

Enlace Comunitario encourages men to get involved in our work to eliminate domestic violence.

Broken Trust Video

Watch Enlace Comunitario’s video Broken Trust about law enforcement’s role in immigrant communities affected by domestic violence.